Lake Constance Cycling
ARGE Bodensee-Radweg

ARGE Bodensee-Radweg

The Arbeitsgemeinschaft (ARGE) Bodensee-Radweg is the quality initiative of the destinations and the tourist partners on Lake Constance. We are working to improve the Lake Constance cycle path. 

Our focus here are:
 - Quality management, also with regard to the ADFC certification (received 4 stars) 
- Research and communicate the exact route 
- Networking with all tourism experts and planners who are concerned with the Lake Constance cycle path 
- new media products, also for internal use by tourism professionals 
- Establish internal communication between all parties involved 
- and much more… 

From January 2021 we will have an additional position: Alexander Weimer has taken over the coordination of the Bodensee-Radweg in order to professionalize it. 

The 2021 assessment showed that the Lake Constance cycle path was once again awarded four stars as an ADFC quality cycle route. We work together with our partners to maintain and improve quality.
The partners of the ARGE Bodensee-Radweg are:

Bodensee-Tourismus Service GmbH


REGIO Konstanz-Bodensee-Hegau e.V.


Deutsche Bodensee-Tourismus

Deutsche Bodensee-Tourismus GmbH (DBT)

Landkreis Konstanz

District of Konstanz (represents the German towns that are not represented in the DBT)
Link: Landkreis Konstanz


Radweg-Reisen GmbH (Tour operator based on Lake Constance)