Path 7/8: Stein am Rhein – Radolfzell
Path 7/8: Stein am Rhein – Radolfzell

Path 7/8: Stein am Rhein – Radolfzell

On the road towards Öhingen you leave Stein am Rhein and drive out of the town below beautiful villas.

Shortly before a striking left bend, the Lake Constance cycle path branches off to the right and leads over the green border to Germany.

The cycle path passes below the village and winds through fields and orchards to Kattenhorn.

In the village there is a steep uphill to the main road. Now left and with a short descent on the road to the entrance of Wangen.
On the road to Gaienhofen you are now panting uphill. At the end of the town of Wangen there is a specially designed cycle path that continues uphill to the Marbach Castle area.

The road goes downhill for a while until you can cut off the following curve to the right over a steep shortcut in a rushing ride.

Back on the road it goes through Hemmenhafen.
From the exit of the village, a separate cycle path leads to the left of Höristrasse into neighboring Gaienhofen.
The entire village is crossed on the road, before turning right into a side street at the end of the incline.

This leads as an access road high above the lakeshore with a beautiful view over the lake towards Hornstaad. Turn left at the marina and inn and crank up the steep mountain for a while.

Attention, despite all the effort, after 400 meters do not miss the marked cycle path that branches off to the right!

This arches around the church of Horn, known from numerous film adaptations, without leading all the way up.

Through orchards, vegetable fields and reed areas, you can now cycle comfortably through the wonderful audio landscape to lznang and moss.
You drive through the protected Aachried, where many water birds breed and overwinter.

The destination is Radolfzell, unmistakable by its distinctive church tower that has been visible for a long time.

Shortly after a riding stables at the roundabout, the cycle route branches off to the right and leads along an avenue between the railway line and the lake to the port facility at the train station.