Path 5/8: Rorschach – Konstanz
Path 5/8: Rorschach – Konstanz

Path 5/8: Rorschach – Konstanz

Always in the park between the railway line and the lakeshore, you continue to the Rietli marina. There the railway line changes to the other side of the main road.

Not so, however, on the Lake Constance cycle path. You stay on the right side of the road and thanks to a separate cycle lane you can get to Horn relatively undisturbed.

At the end of the village, the marked route changes to a cycle path close to the lake and is thus away from the road again. So it goes more comfortably and nicely along the lake in the direction of Steinach.

Here you briefly touch the B13 again, but shortly afterwards turn back towards the lake and cycle through the sweeping bay of Arbon on one of the most beautiful sections of the entire tour.

So the stretch of road behind is more than sweetened.
It goes along the harbor and the quays around half of Arbon until the route leads over the railroad tracks. Turn right at the main road and walk a few hundred meters on the busy road. Then the signs point to the left again to quiet residential areas.

On the Seestraße it goes out of town until the Strandbadstraße branches off in a right curve. It goes back over the railway line and then to the left again directly along the lakeshore to Egnach.

At the train station, cross the railway line again on the left and drive straight ahead under a second railway line. Immediately afterwards on the right and on Kehlhofstraße to Salmsach and further into the city center and the port of Romanshorn.

Drive through parks on the promenade in the direction of Kreuzlingen.

With one exception, the cycle path always remains between the railway line on the left and the lake shore on the right as far as Güttingen. Only at Uttwil does he switch to the left side of the train for a short distance.
Behind the Güttingen train station, the cycle path markings change to the southern, i.e. left, side of the railway line.

You drive straight along the tracks to Landschlacht. There again on the lake side of the train to Münsterlingen.

It goes through the railway underpass and briefly uphill to the clinic's parking lot. At the end of it, a small side street begins that leads to the train station.
Shortly after the Münsterlingen train station, the Lake Constance cycle path changes back over the railroad tracks and now remains on the lakeshore until Kreuzlingen.

Always following the good signs, the route meanders past seaside resorts, campsites, villas and bathing houses to the pretty Schlössli beach hotel in Bottighofen.

The skyscrapers built in the neighborhood can certainly be traced back to an aberration of taste. There is really no other way of explaining how they came about.

You continue past the campsite and restaurant Fischerhus and the huge area of ​​the Hörnli seaside resort and a little later through extensive parks to the picturesque Seeburg and the port of Kreuzlingen.

The tour around the Obersee ends here or at the neighboring port and train station of Konstanz.

If you want to circumnavigate Lake Constance and the Untersee, continue clockwise to Stein am Rhein and Radolfzell.

Anyone who is fit can easily do it in one day - but why the rush?