Path 6/8: Konstanz – Stein am Rhein
Path 6/8: Konstanz – Stein am Rhein

Path 6/8: Konstanz – Stein am Rhein

The best route through the city of Konstanz and Kreuzlingen in the direction of Gottlieben leads along the lakeshore across the Konstanz area.

To do this, drive straight ahead at the Kreuzlingen harbor basin and the ice rink until you reach the small border crossing of “Little Venice”.

Turn left into Freistraße, go uphill to the main road and stay right on it in the direction of Hauptzoll in Switzerland, turn left into Brückenstraße and along the border to Emmishofer Zoll.

Drive over the border to Konstanz, immediately turn left, cross Döbeleplatz and turn left again.

Keeping pretty straight ahead, you drive through the traffic-calmed Döbelestrasse and the Alte Graben to the bridge over the four-lane Europastrasse.In Switzerland, follow Tägerwiler Strasse for almost a kilometer and then turn right. You go through vegetable fields and reed areas along the Rhine to tranquil Gottlieben.

Between belts of reeds and fields, it goes from Gottlieben in the direction of Triboltingen, which you can ignore on the other side of the railway line. The railway line continues to set the direction.

The Lake Constance cycle path leads with beautiful views through the reed beds over the Untersee to the sea dam on the island of Reichenau to the not far away Ermatingen.
You can cycle through Ermatingen both directly along the railway line and the main road, as well as bypassing the headland that protrudes far into the lake in a much nicer way.

This is how you get to the harbor with its beautiful house front. Shortly before the lido, both routes meet again and lead on a narrow strip of land between the railway line and the lakeshore to Mannenbach-Salenstein.
Without changing the direction of the route, you continue on the now narrow strip of shore between the railway line and the shore line, which is surmounted by rock walls, to neighboring Steckborn.

Finally you have to cycle on the narrow main road through the “Städtli” to the harbor.

Steckborn is driven through on the main road until the cycle path branches off from it. Exceptionally, this time not down to the lake, but at the roundabout left uphill over the railway line and immediately afterwards right.

It goes around the seminar works and further above the railway line to shortly before Glarisegg Castle.

Here the route changes over the federal road again, but not over the train.

Somewhat wedged between the road and the tracks, it goes straight to Mammern.
Shortly before Mammern, the cycle path joins the main road, but branches off again after the bridge and leads uphill on the left over the railway line, then along the train station on the right.

As a result, it always goes above the railway with a wonderful view of Stein am Rhein and the Schiener Berg to neighboring Eschenz.
In Eschenz, the cycle route first passes the train station, then crosses the railway and leads down to the main road. This is crossed diagonally and you are back in quiet residential areas. Passing the Gasthaus Linde on the left, you drive straight back through Lindestraße to the shore.

Pay attention to the signs to the island of Werd, otherwise you will pass it faster than you would like.

Please park your bikes on the mainland!

From the Inselsteg it is only a few meters to the bridge to Stein am Rhein.d