This is the official website of the Lake Constance cycle path association.

We look forward to welcoming you on the Lake Constance cycle path. It is the most popular cycle path in Europe and about 260 kilometers long.

A cycle path – almost always right along the shore

Over 300,000 cyclists circle Lake Constance every year, and that is more than on any other cycle path in the world.

260 kilometers around Lake Constance. Very sporty cyclists can even do it in one day. After all, cyclists still trained for two or three days.

Nevertheless, almost all cyclists have 5-8 days to circumnavigate Lake Constance. Why? Because there is so much to see, and a bike tour is usually not a sporting end in itself, but rather a beautiful way of discovering a region.

And because there is so much to discover and enjoy on Lake Constance, we recommend daily stages of no more than 50 kilometers.