Travel time and weather
Travel time and weather

Travel time and weather

Lake Constance acts like a huge climate power plant.

As pleasant as this is in spring and autumn, when the weather is cold elsewhere, the heat can be oppressive in midsummer.
Therefore, the months March to June, as well as September and October are particularly suitable for a pure cycling holiday.
With the right bathing equipment and enough time, July and August are also the real joy, even if there is a corresponding hustle and bustle.

Usually the summer months offer very stable weather with little precipitation and long, mild sunny days.

In July and August, due to the temperature differences between the lake region and the high mountains, there are sometimes quite violent thunderstorms. A good indication of the impending danger are the more than 60 storm warning lights set up around the lake. Actually intended for water sports enthusiasts, you can also see them well from the shore regions and act accordingly.

However, the storms do not always hit, because the orange flashes of light are controlled from Stuttgart, which sometimes turns out to be too far away from the scene.

The winters are rather mild compared to other regions in Central Europe. Nevertheless, compared to other regions in Central Europe, there is a relatively large amount of snow. Closed snow covers over several days are not uncommon in January and February.

That it can get cold is also shown by the fact that large parts of the Untersee freeze over every year during this time.