Luggage transport
Luggage transport

Luggage transport

Many cyclists believe that there are only two classic ways of cycling around Lake Constance: either you organize your trip yourself or you book it with a tour operator.

Those who organize the tour themselves have a lot of freedom. You can choose which hotels to sleep in. And even whether there are hotels at all, because there are also youth hostels, campsites and holiday apartments. And one or the other uncle who has a guest room. Or, as long-distance cyclists in particular like to do, also the private accommodation directories of warm showers, couchsurfing and roof givers.

In addition, you are usually more flexible with a self-organized tour in bad weather: just take a day off, this is only possible if everything is not yet firmly booked by the organizer.

Nevertheless, flat-rate bike tours are also justified. Because everything is organized there for you from a single source: the hotel bookings, the travel documents, possibly the rental bike with a mobility guarantee. And especially the luggage transport.

But on Lake Constance there is an interesting compromise between these two types of cycling: luggage transport.
Here you can either book all stages in advance, or you can stay spontaneously and do it the day before until 4 p.m.

Then the hard-working drivers from the company Radweg-Reisen come and transport your luggage while you cycle the route.
To do this, you simply have to leave your luggage at the agreed reception (from the hotel, the youth hostel or the campsite) by 9:00 a.m.
And by 6:00 p.m. at the latest, the suitcases will be delivered to the agreed next reception at the destination of your day's stage.

Does this work? Yes, many thousands of times a year, and have been for over 10 years.
And it's amazingly cheap: it costs 11 euros per suitcase and stage, payable in advance or by envelope at reception (as of August 2020).
This service works (clockwise) on the entire lake, daily from April to mid-October.

Luggage transport can be booked by

Email to or
by phone at + 49- (0) 7531-81993-29
at the company Radweg-Reisen from Constance.

Details can be found on this website.