The Tettnang hop loop
The Tettnang hop loop

The Tettnang hop loop

About the tour

Schussen and Argen, next to the Alpine Rhine, the two most important tributaries of Lake Constance, flow into the lake barely five kilometers apart at Langenargen.

While the Schussen rises in the moraine landscape north of Bad Schussenried and flows leisurely in a southerly direction towards the lake, the two source rivers of the Argen arise in the mountains of the Vorderallgäu and jump lively and with many changes of direction towards their mouth.

Nestled between the lower reaches of the two rivers is the Tettnang Hopfenland, around the town of the Counts of Montfort. Allegedly the "best hops in the world" grow here.

On the eastern outskirts of Friedrichshafen there is an opportunity to pay a visit to the cultivation area of ​​the coveted beer raw material on the marked “Tettnanger Hopfenschlaufe” cycle route. The round tour to Tettnang is marked similar to the Lake Constance cycle path. However, here on the signs "the loop" is green.


Tettang's “New Castle” is the largest and most beautiful of the three castles in the hop city, in whose old town still the gate lock and the old castle are surrounded by half-timbered houses.

The Loretto Chapel in the south of the old town is the oldest of its kind in Baden-Württemberg. Inside there is an almost life-size Madonna figure from the 17th century, which is dressed in different robes depending on the occasion.

The oldest church in the city is the St. Anna Chapel, donated by Count Ulrich VII von Montfort, from 1513. Brewing beer and growing hops has a long tradition in Tettnang.

With a detour to Siggenweiler and a visit to the local hop museum, the topic can be deepened in a "drinkable" way.