Path 2/8: Überlingen – Friedrichshafen
Path 2/8: Überlingen – Friedrichshafen

Path 2/8: Überlingen – Friedrichshafen


Überlingen can call itself the Lake Constance city with the longest promenade on the lake.

In addition, the city, which dates back to the founding of Emperor Barbarossa in 1180, impresses with its old town ensemble around the St. Nicholas Minster.

Inside there is a great 400 year old carved altar by Gehrüder Zürn. Characteristic of the gigantic hall basilica is its unequal pair of towers that loom over the medieval trading town.

In the town hall of the town, which has become rich through trade in wine and grain, the town hall, which dates from the 15th century and has a richly decorated, wood-carved arcade frieze, can be visited on guided tours.

Around the old town center you can still see the fortification wall dug deep into the MoJassefelsen. To this day there are still six towers of the former defensive structure.

At the landing stage stands “die Greth”, the former municipal trading and grain store. Today there is a busy market hall and a cinema.

Cycling path

You leave the old town of Überlingen via Hafenstrasse and Nußdorfer Strasse.

At the roundabout you can turn right into Seestrasse and drive along the lake, which is nicer than using the busy main road.

Where the Seestraße comes back to the main street, immediately turn right and continue along the railway tracks on quiet side streets in the direction of Nussdorf.

In the village there is a right-left bend before you continue past the lido, always close to the lake, to Maurach Castle.

On the way it is advisable to switch to the side of the railway line at a railway underpass and to cycle left along it in the direction of travel directly to the Birnau pilgrimage church.

A bumpy but short steep section then leads up to the unique panorama terrace in front of the monastery church.
On the asphalt feeder road, it rushes downhill and with the necessary caution over the railway overpass.

Shortly afterwards, turn right through a chestnut avenue to Obermaurach and continue along the lake to Seetelden with its small Gothic church.

Shortly afterwards, Unteruhldingen is reached.
Between Unteruhldingen and Meersburg you only use the road for a short distance and then switch to the accompanying footpath and bike path.

The whole route offers a wonderful view of the lake and the cruising ferries between Konstanz and Meersburg.

After almost 5 kilometers along one of the most beautiful natural beaches on the whole of Lake Constance, you have already reached the historic castle town on Lake Constance.

From the ferry port you drive along the road in the direction of travel, turn right at the first opportunity and cycle at the foot of the mighty old castle through the city gate into the lower town of Meersburg.

The Lake Constance cycle path leads out of the lower town of Meersburg over the promenade, past the modern thermal baths, and on towards Hagnau.

Vineyards as far as the eye can see and again and again beautiful views of the lake accompany you to the nearby neighboring community.